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Alcohol Taskforce Targets Illegal Sales in Scotland

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Alcohol Taskforce Targets Illegal Sales in Scotland

October 21
20:07 2013
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The raids, in Glasgow and South Lanarkshire, were part of a campaign to target the illicit alcohol supply chain, including producers, storage facilities, wholesalers and retailers.

Chris Brett, HMRC’s Alcohol Taskforce manager in Scotland, said: ‘We are keen to work with local businesses that have to compete against these illegal sales.

‘Anyone handling or selling smuggled alcohol should be aware that HMRC teams are active across Scotland, and we are committed to stopping this criminal activity which costs the taxpayer around £1.2bn in unpaid revenue each year.’

In total 1,570litres of beer, 1,880 litres of wine and 1,282 litres of spirits were seized during the operation on 19th September. Previous taskforces in Scotland have targeted restaurants, fast food outlets, landlords and pubs and nightclubs.

Colin McDowall, Executive Director of Community and Enterprise Resources at South Lanarkshire Council, added: ‘Our officers will continue to work with HMRC to ensure consumers and legitimate businesses are protected from illicit trade.’

If you are aware of someone who is evading their taxes, you can call HMRC’s Tax Evasion Hotline on 0800 788 887.


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More than 40 officers from HMRC, South Lanarkshire Trading Standards and Police Scotland have taken part in raids on a number of premises found to contain illegal alcohol…

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