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Entiér: When Innovation Meets Education

OIOpublisher When Peter Bruce, Colin Henry and Scott Jackson left Compass Group to set up independently with the Olive Garden’s Mike Reilly and Brian Collie, the new venture combined trusted

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BaxterStorey Scotland: Best In Class At The School Of Fresh Ideas

Since BaxterStorey launched in 2004 following the merger of Wilson Storey Halliday and BaxterSmith, the company has become a compelling force in catering throughout the UK. With prestigious contracts in

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The Entiér Ethos

To anyone who has worked in the offshore catering industry for the last few years, the names Peter Bruce, Colin Henry and Scott Jackson will have a familiar ring. Having

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Offshore Uncovered

Offshore Uncovered Like many other industries, offshore exploration has changed a lot in recent years. As Shell and BP have divested, the traditional model of large, operator-based contracts has in

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BaxterStorey Help Launch Front of House Scholarship

A unique scholarship has been launched to encourage young people to make a professional career out of front of house

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