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‘Michelin Food Served Here’: Why Good Or Bad PR Can Make Or Break Your Business

OIOpublisher When Scott Thornton caught sight of a sign inviting guests to a Full Irish Breakfast in the up-market Dublin hotel in which he was staying, little did he know

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How PR Could Save Your Hospitality Business If Disaster Strikes

Hotels, restaurants and caterers have differing and varied business set-ups, with an infinite mix of target clientele. From independent enterprises to group-owned conglomerates, the Scottish hospitality industry is a diverse

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Arguing The Case For Pet-Friendly Hotels

There’s an old joke I heard again recently that makes me smile every time I hear it: To work out who loves you more – the wife or the dog

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Scottish Hospitality: A Lament

Here we go; another moan about substandard Scottish hospitality. I don’t want to whinge and be all cynical but after a weekend break in Elgin, I can’t really help it.

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Apex Hotels Launches Modern Apprenticeship Program

Apex Hotels has announced the launch of the company’s modern apprenticeship (MA) scheme, and is seeking applications from recent school

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First Hospitality & Tourism Academy Launches In Scotland

Scotland’s first dedicated hospitality and tourism academy for secondary school pupils has launched near Edinburgh. The East Lothian Hospitality and

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Did Scotland Win At London 2012?

This article has been edited from its original version, which first appeared in CiS magazine June/July2012. Beppo Buchanan-Smith is, he

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Finding A Surprise In Scottish Hospitality

I’d decided to stay in Edinburgh that evening for one principal reason: I’d had two meetings during the afternoon and

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Hotel PR Campaigns: ALL News Is Good News, Come Refurb Time

There is a widespread misconception that a public relations campaign should consist only of positive articles, features and profiles within

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