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Licensing Law Update by Maclay Murray & Spens LLP

OIOpublisher Scotland’s licensed trade has faced a series of challenges in recent years. Natasha Grant, a lawyer in the Commercial Dispute Resolution team at Maclay Murray & Spens LLP and

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Alcohol Taskforce Targets Illegal Sales in Scotland

The raids, in Glasgow and South Lanarkshire, were part of a campaign to target the illicit alcohol supply chain, including producers, storage facilities, wholesalers and retailers. Chris Brett, HMRC’s Alcohol

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The Social Responsibility Levy: Too Much, Too Soon?

While the Act proposes many wide-ranging changes to liquor licensing in Scotland, it is the Social Responsibility Levy (SRL) that is the cause of most concern. Its details (or lack

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The Social Responsibility Levy; A Step Too Far?

Although not yet law, the levy – which will contribute towards the cost of dealing with the adverse effects of licensed premises, such as additional policing or street cleaning –

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Pubcos: Bye-Bye To The Beer-Tie?

Those opposed to the concept of the beer-tie view it as unfair and anti-competitive, as it requires publicans to purchase

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Is Red Tape Strangling Scotland’s Licensed Trade?

With one in five people in Scotland employed in the hospitality and leisure industry, and the sector contributing in excess

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Will It One Day Be Last Orders For Cheap Alcohol?

As the Scottish Government continues to fight the case for the Alcohol (Minimum Pricing) (Scotland) Bill, we asked licensing experts Tods

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