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Unilever Food Solutions: The Wise Up On Waste Q&A

OIOpublisher With the first ever Wise Up On Waste app, Unilever Food Solutions is leading the way in tackling the growing problem of avoidable food waste. Unilever Food Solutions’ managing

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Ray Lorimer: Scotland’s Greatest Export Returns

 CiS: What’s been the most exciting project you’ve worked on during your time at UFS? RL: ‘One of my favourites was developing Knorr’s kitchen at our head office in Leatherhead.

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BaxterStorey Scotland: Best In Class At The School Of Fresh Ideas

Since BaxterStorey launched in 2004 following the merger of Wilson Storey Halliday and BaxterSmith, the company has become a compelling force in catering throughout the UK. With prestigious contracts in

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