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2019: The Year That UK Bakeries Become Energy-Efficient?

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2019: The Year That UK Bakeries Become Energy-Efficient?

2019: The Year That UK Bakeries Become Energy-Efficient?
November 19
08:19 2018

Notoriously energy-intensive, the bakery industry requires specialist utilities including power overs, fridges, freezers and mixers in addition to the usual requirements such as lighting and heat. Fortunately, there are many ways to become energy-efficient, including changing equipment, tweaking operations or finding the hidden places where energy is lost unnecessarily.

With that in mind gas installation specialists, Flogas, have put together their top tips to help bakeries save energy and reap the financial and environmental rewards…

Get to Know Your Energy Usage

The first step to managing your bakery’s energy consumption is to know how much gas and electricity your business uses each year. Some sources of waste are obvious, whereas others tend to be less visible.

Conduct Regular Checks

Routine equipment checks are crucial. If, for example, freezer coils become dirty, that could impact on energy use by as much as 50%. Similarly, watch out for leaky sinks and dishwashers, which could be costing a fortune to run. Regular inspections could stop valuable water (and money) draining away.

Smart meters will highlight your biggest energy expenditures in real time and allow users to make an informed energy reduction plan

With this in mind, it is also worth checking your heating system; if a boiler is poorly operated or maintained, heating costs can increase by 30% or more.

Make Small Changes

Small changes can deliver huge results, so it pays to encourage and empower staff to get on board. Start by creating a list of equipment that could be switched off – or at least set to timer – after hours.

Likewise, check that windows aren’t being left open during the colder seasons, and instead turn down the thermostat. Similarly, diligently placed strips or seals can minimise chilling draughts.

Invest in Energy-Efficient Equipment

Energy-efficient baking ovens are likely to deliver some of the biggest savings, while LED lighting can facilitate up to 80% lower electricity usage. Allied to this, the Carbon Trust’s Green Business Fund provides independent advice and procurement support for small- to medium-size business looking to make energy-saving equipment purchases.

Negotiate Better Energy Deals

Many utility companies will lure customers in with an ‘unmissable’ deal for the first 12 months before hiking up prices in subsequent years. At renewal time, if there’s a better offer on the table, take it. It may sound simple but opting for an extended fixed-term contract to future-proof from price rises could save you a fortune.

Nowadays, it’s more important than ever to assess energy usage and become more efficient in order to improve your business’s bottom line and become more sustainable overall. So while all these suggested changes may all seem minor at first glance, the combined results can be significant.


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