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Executive Coaching: Getting Into ‘The Zone’ Is Key to Success In Business

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Executive Coaching: Getting Into ‘The Zone’ Is Key to Success In Business

February 25
09:55 2019

Daniela Grendene

Like many other people, Daniela Grendene once assumed that her own personal strengths aligned with the things she does well. However, as she now admits, she has over the years learned that these personality traits are largely independent of skills, which themselves are more to do with the things we learn and that can come and go throughout our lifetime. Strengths, on the other hand, tend to remain relatively constant, though they can be further developed and defined throughout our lives.

And so it follows that the more we understand what we are naturally good at, the more likely success in business will be. 

Continuing our series on the benefits of executive coaching, Daniela explains the theory that the more a person understands what they are naturally good at, the more likely success in business will be…

Think of it as being ‘in flow’. Originally coined by the psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalui, the term describes the moment when a person’s mental state is so focused that nothing else seems to matter. Known colloquially as ‘being in the zone’, it occurs when a perceived skills level and the challenge at hand are equal, and when the person in question is utterly in control of their mind and body.

Like catching a wave in the ocean, maintaining ‘flow’ is like being in ‘the zone’

Maintaining ‘flow’ is like catching a wave in the ocean, it’s something that comes to you and once you are in it, you seem to be gliding with the flow. It is about absolute focus; everything seems to work, there are no negative thoughts and you just feel serenely confident in everything you do.
With this in mind, Talent Dynamics (TD) is a strengths assessment that I rely on to test the executives I work with as a business coach. Within TD, each of the eight profiles has its own strengths and challenges. Understanding why certain tasks and roles drain you while others excite and energise you is crucial when working alone.
That said, no one truly works alone. Everyone has a group of partners, clients and suppliers, and it is here where the Talent Dynamics profiles become useful to help a team gel together and spot potential opportunities to work more effectively.

And because each of the Talent Dynamics profiles has its own strengths and challenges, they may be used together in a team setting to cover potentially challenging tasks and ensure that each team member gets into – and stays – in flow.

Daniela Grendene is an executive coach with 25 years’ experience, who teaches directors about business results and making money. To discover your talent dynamics profile and how you can use it to obtain better results in your business, email or 07736 711 414.

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