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Hudsons Catering: Serving Up Success On A Plate

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Hudsons Catering: Serving Up Success On A Plate

October 21
20:07 2013
Serving Up Success On A Plate

When Suki Hudson established her eponymous company in 1979, she initially provided low-key catering for friends and family in the area around their home in Kinellar, Aberdeenshire. Over the next three decades, Hudsons has become one of the most respected and sought-after event caterers in northern Scotland, albeit in their own discreet, sagacious way. Now, though, that may be about to change. Having scooped both accolades for the Best Individual Contract Caterer Employer and Overall Winner at the Best Employers in Hospitality (BEH) Awards, Hudsons have now been thrust into the national spotlight, and deservedly so.

Catering in Scotland introduces the catering world’s best-kept secret…

Catering for weddings, dinner parties, celebrations and anniversaries in private and corporate venues all over Scotland, Suki and her colleagues have carved out a true niche for themselves, although not necessarily in the traditional sense of market domination. Widely considered a specialist (and, after their recent success at the BEH Awards, the best to work for) in private catering, Hudsons’ unique touch, is, according to Suki, down to the way they work as a team:

‘First and foremost, we’re fun and professional,’ she says. ‘Some of us are from artistic backgrounds – we’re quirky and creative – while others in the group are more practical.

‘The main thing is that there’s no hierarchy within the company; everyone’s allowed to be themselves and to have a free rein with ideas and concepts. There’s a very strong team feeling in here and everyone feels they play their part.’

One such cornerstone is Ann Milne, Executive Head Chef of the award-winning Milton restaurant in Banchory and a former Young Scottish Chef of the Year, who joined Hudsons in 2003: ‘Annie’s now considered our chief foodie and all-round event organiser,’ explains Suki ‘She masterminds the kitchen single-handedly and she’s the real driver of the company now, not to mention a true miracle worker. Without her I don’t think we would be able to function!’

Having diversified from purely food-focused work, Hudsons now offers a complete event management package, from sourcing venues and marquees and dressing the rooms, to advising on themes, lighting design, décor and entertainment booking.

With a varied mix of weddings, private dinners, corporate hospitality and canapé nights, clients are encouraged to be different or left-field with their requirements:

‘We never accept more than two or three events simultaneously and we’re not afraid to turn one down if we think we are about to take on too many at one time,’ continues Suki.

‘Our clients can ask for anything they want, and very often they do! We still are amazed sometimes at what people expect from us, but I think they like the feeling that they can just hand their event over to someone who can look at the entire picture rather than just one aspect of it. In this business you really do get what you pay for, and while ours may not necessarily be the cheapest quote available, it will always reflect the highest level of food, expertise and service.

‘Our aim, at the end of the day, is to provide remarkable events that are remembered for more than just the food.’

This article has been edited from its original version. For the complete feature, please see Catering in Scotland magazine November/December 2010.

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