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Every Commercial Kitchen Needs Reliable, Timeless Equipment – And NO Updates

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Every Commercial Kitchen Needs Reliable, Timeless Equipment – And NO Updates

August 06
12:39 2019

Amy Hodgetts

Remember when you could invest in a piece of equipment and it would do its job for years to come? Nowadays, it feels like every time you unlock your smartphone, smartwatch or other smart equipment, there’s an update for it. Technology is being updated, reinvented and redesiged at an alarming rate, and it can often seem like too much, too quickly.
That said, there are a few golden classics within the catering sector that don’t need replacing so often. Here are a few that have stood the test of time…

The Refrigerator
Pioneered by William Cullen in 1748, refrigeration technology has been refined in the years hence there’s been no major overhaul to the equipment. Nowadays, they might be a pricey one-off purchase, but a good piece of refrigeration kit will tick over reliably without needing replacement for many years.

The Deep Fryer
Though we made the leap from frying in pans to using dedicated deep fryers, there hasn’t been a major update to this classic piece of equipment for a number of years. Food fried in such a way is quick, easy and tasty, which is why it has stood the test of time all the way back to the Ancient Egyptians. Much like the fridge, a good deep fryer will serve a commercial kitchen faithfully for many years, providing it is well-maintained and looked after.

Slush machines
Slush machines haven’t really undergone any major changes over the years and given the nature of what it is doing, there’s very little need to change anything. The movement of the slush machine prevents the mixture from freezing solid by keeping the sugar and water molecules bonded together. In effect, any attempt to change this process would only cause problems for the end product.

Invented in 1893 by Scotsman Alan MacMasters, the humble toaster has not changed much in the intervening years. While a few tweaks have been introduced to sort out a heating problem, by and large, the toaster has remained the same. So, much like the umbrella, any modern-day reinventions are often dismissed as wholly unnecessary. Take the Bluetooth smart toaster, for example, which, it is claimed, is ‘controlled by a companion smartphone app to offer personalised settings’. Much akin to a traditional toaster, then.

There is certainly something exciting about unveiling a new product and re-imagining or reinventing designs. But with little need to improve them further, these kitchen heroes really do deserve some praise for being among the few pieces of kit that haven’t seen a major upgrade in years — and likely never will.

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