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Scotch Lamb Promoted Through Wham Bam! Campaign

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Scotch Lamb Promoted Through Wham Bam! Campaign

October 21
20:07 2013
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We Scots have always been keen beef eaters, and perhaps it’s because our product is so good that lamb has become like Cinderella, waiting on the sidelines to be fully appreciated.

Additionally, although it appears to sit in the middle ground – somewhere between home cooking, everyday dishes and special occasions – lamb needs the support of chefs and caterers to work together to change this consumer perception.and widen its range through the Wham Bam campaign.

Seasonality and sourcing local are still key terms used to describe foods, and at this time of year there is nothing more deserving of attention than Scotch Lamb. Our lambs are born later to avoid coming into the world during the winter. Scotch Lamb at Easter is always difficult to find, but lambs need sunshine and grass to grow and for the flavours to develop so it is at its best and most plentiful right now.

Meanwhile, research is telling us that consumers are nervous of cooking with lamb, and many think that its culinary repertoire is limited. By using simple, quick recipes and a variety of cuts – instead of merely the traditional chops and legs – the Wham Bam recipes hope to challenge this perception and persuade consumers to give lamb a try.

This is where restaurants, caterers and cook schools can help, by featuring simple lamb dishes on everyday menus, using lamb in pies, stir fries, sausages, casseroles and curries, and limiting its use to carvery roasts or expensive racks and cutlets.

The Scotch Lamb story dates back nearly quarter of a century to 1990, when it became the first meat in the UK to be farm-assured, preceding Scotch Beef by more than a year.

It was also – along with Scotch Beef – the first meat to be awarded PGI in 1996, and now almost all Scottish farms are assured and regularly inspected to ensure animals are reared to the very highest standards.

So let’s make sure we get behind the Wham Bam, Thank You Lamb message and help Scotch Lamb to step out of the shadows and take a leading role on menus in restaurants and at home.

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Margaret Stewart introduces a brand-new consumer Scotch Lamb campaign: Wham Bam, Thank You Lamb…

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