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Scotland Tops Income & Occupancy In UK Hotel Sector

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Scotland Tops Income & Occupancy In UK Hotel Sector

October 21
20:07 2013
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The research, by BDO, found that Scottish rooms yield rose by 4.3% in June compared to an increase of 2.3% in England. Although occupancy fell 0.3% in Scotland it was still higher than the rest of the UK, despite a 2.4% increase in regional UK.

Meanwhile, revenue in Scotland stood at £63.93 compared to £48.80 in regional UK and £46.34 in England, and £42.31 in Wales. Occupancy was 81.0% in Scotland compared to 76.9% in regional UK.

In Edinburgh and Aberdeen revenue figures were the third and fourth highest respectively in the UK after Windsor and Oxford. The Granite City in particular saw a 19.0% increase in revenue during the month.

Alastair Rae, a partner in the Property, Leisure and Hospitality sector at BDO, said: ‘The continued improvement in revenue among Scottish hotels appears to indicate that this is turning out to be a better season for the sector.

‘Despite a slight revenue fall in Edinburgh and a larger decline in Inverness, the overall figure for Scotland of £63.93 is substantially higher than the rest of the UK.

Whilst one month’s data will not indicate a trend, we have now had Scottish occupancy and revenue figures ahead of the UK every month this year since March.’

‘We may have turned a corner for the sector which is starting to see figures rise consistently over several months. There is still some way to go before they match pre-recessionary times but the trend is upward.’

Glasgow also experienced a considerable boost to revenue through its successful concert- and-events promotions.

However, Inverness saw revenues fall 5.8%, which Rae believes is down to discounting.


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Scotland’s hotel sector continued to have the highest revenue and occupancy figures of anywhere in the UK during, June according to a new report

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