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The Top Five Ways To Propose To A Foodie…

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The Top Five Ways To Propose To A Foodie…

March 19
16:52 2019

What if your partner is the biggest foodie you know? We’ve compiled a list of the five ultimate proposal ideas for those who can’t get enough of the grub! We all want our engagement to be memorable, whether we’re the ones proposing or being proposed to. A big part of this is by making sure that the proposal is tailored to your other half and all the things they love.

With a takeaway
For foodies who would rather watch a movie on the sofa than get dressy and go to a restaurant, a takeaway could be the ultimate proposal. If you’re both a fan of Chinese food, a homemade fortune cookie with personalised message could be a well-themed proposal. Similarly, writing your special message on the inside of a pizza box or carefully arranging the toppings into a love heart before dropping to one knee could work equally well.

With baking ingredients
Some people love to take photos of their home-cooked food and take it into the office for everyone to enjoy. If this sounds strangely like the person that you’re proposing to, you might want to propose to them when they’re baking in the kitchen.
One example featured a person who had carefully glued an egg back together for their loved one to crack and discover an engagement ring inside. If this sounds too complicated, you could try hiding the engagement ring in one of the ingredients. As they pour the flour or sugar into the mixing bowl, you’ll be ready to jump in and ask those all important words.

With cupcakes
If your partner is a cake fan, cupcakes are a good way to go. You could put a letter on each cupcake that spells out the magic words, or add a special decoration to the icing in the form of a diamond ring. However, we wouldn’t recommend hiding the ring inside the cake, as choking can be something of a mood killer…

With fine dining
There are a few ways you can pop the question in a romantic setting: Keep the ring hidden in your jacket pocket and let the restaurant know about your plans; you’ll probably receive extra special service from the staff; or, you could ask the chef to write out the big question in a sauce on the side. Alternatively, you could go for the cliché and hide the engagement ring in the dessert (but do make sure they find it before it reaches their mouth…)
Similarly,  making reservations in a few restaurants that have meaning — first date, first kiss or first time ‘I love you – could also have the desired effect.

With a picnic
A romantic picnic for two could be the ultimate proposal story, providing your partner is the outdoorsy type. After a favourite walk, you could lay a picnic blanket down at your chosen spot, or perhaps you could’ve visited the chosen spot earlier in the day and pre-decorated the area with lights and favourite flowers.

So, you could say there are TWO crucial questions to ask. The first is: Which foodie proposal idea will you choose?

The second is self-explanatory…


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