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Vito Oil Filter: A Healthier Way to Fry

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Vito Oil Filter: A Healthier Way to Fry

Vito Oil Filter: A Healthier Way to Fry
July 02
10:06 2014

While frying food is often reported to be unhealthy, reducing oil consumption and keeping the oil clean results in a healthier fry and fresher healthier food. Vito UK has the answer to both…

Removing the carbonised particles and suspended sediments reduces the amount of disposable oil used. Vito UK’s range of oil filter machines will do this within around three minutes, reducing the need to change frying oil every day. 

Ideal for kitchens of all sizes, Vito machines remove harmful chemical compounds from the fryer by actively discarding burnt particles from the oil, resulting in healthier, better-tasting food.

Iain Addison, Director of Vito UK, says: ‘Vito machines offer a solution to businesses looking to provide customers with healthier, better-tasting fried food. Vito also minimises oil absorption and helps save money by safely doubling the life of the oil.’

Vito filters and cleans the oil automatically at operating temperature in the hot fryer, reduces labour and offers a filtration power of 30-95 litres per minute. 

Vito filter clean 2Vito filter clean 4

Vito’s Top Tips on a Safe and Tasty Fry

Frying food at too high a temperature does not equate to shorter cooking times; indeed, it usually translates into unevenly cooked fried food and burnt oil. Maintaining clean high quality oil is vital for taste and appearance, the state of your fryer and low maintenance costs.

Merely turning down the fryer a few clicks will result in immediate oil savings and extended life of your oil. More importantly, recent studies carried out have suggested that, once frying oil reaches a certain level of degradation, it must be discarded due to health risks.

Vito UK shares its top tips on how to fry food correctly and achieve the maximum usage of your oil.

·         Do not exceed 175 deg. C. Higher temperatures will lead to faster deterioration of your oil

·         Switch off the fryer and cover when not in use to reduce premature ageing of the oil

·         Filter the cooking oil to remove residues of old food, which will prolong the life of the oil.

·         Measure the temperature and the level of deterioration (TPM) of your oil every day in only 30 seconds, with a Vito Oiltester

·         Invest in a good machine which removes carbonised particles, suspended sediments and reduces the amount of disposable oil used

·         The VITO oil filter machine will safely reduce your frying oil costs by 50%*

Iain Addison, Director of Vito UK says: ‘Vito machines are cost-effective and designed to perform to the highest standards, removing harmful chemical compounds from the fryer. Clients include the Dorchester Collection, Hard Rock Café, Oxo Tower, MPW Steakhouse, Ibis, Marriott and many more.

Every Vito machine is personally delivered with on-site training including a full risk assessment.

For information on the Vito range call 01953 851 914, visit and follow @VitoUK on twitter.

The Vito UK range includes:

Vito 50: ideal for all gas and electric free-standing fryers with medium use (up to 20 litres capacity)

Vito 80: ideal for all gas/electric fryers from 20 litres upwards, or heavily used fryers


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Two-Michelin-Starred chef, Michael Caines MBE, has a Vito oil filter machine at his ABode restaurants: ‘Vito oil filter machines have been a revelation,’ he says. ‘They prolong the life of the frying oil, making it last twice as long, which means we’ve halved our oil costs and are more environmentally friendly. Plus, it’s safe to use, filters 80 litres in just over a minute, and produces even better-tasting food thanks to the oil being so clean.  It’s a no-brainer and I would recommend it to all chefs.’

For information on the Vito range, call 01953 851 914, visit and

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