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The Key Qualities of Successful Small-Business Owners

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The Key Qualities of Successful Small-Business Owners

The Key Qualities of Successful Small-Business Owners
March 01
17:46 2019

It is the dream of most entrepreneurs to hear that their organisation has become the next big thing in the eyes of its customers. For many business owners, it is the single driving force behind everything they do. All of the long working weeks, sleepless nights, stress-filled days and agonising decision-making are part of the recipe for making their dream become a reality.

Unfortunately, reality does not always work like that. In order to have one’s very own small-business success story, one must devote even more time, effort, hard work and dedication than previously thought.

Daniela Grendene outlines a few key considerations and qualities that define the owners of successful small businesses…

In essence, there are several key elements that can help one guide their own professional and indeed personal transformation. These transformations are a crucial part of becoming a success story, because the world around you is evolving and changing at breakneck pace.

There are several common elements behind every small business success story. Some of the most important examples include:

  • Remaining relevant and professional to every client and customer.
  • Maintaining a proactive approach to problem-solving. Initiate a solution before a problem occurs.
  • Care about others. In business, it is important to look out for both your partners and your peers. In turn, this will make others want to care about you.
  • A great personality. The way in which you conduct yourself can make all the difference with your clients; charm, charisma, humour and sincerity matter greatly.
  • Being sociable. The more you interact with others, the more it will benefit your business. It is important to continuously make new contacts and friends.
  • Always be authentic. Do not lie or cheat to make your way to the top. Lying may temporarily get you out of a tight spot but it will always catch up with you in the end.
  • Never make your entire focus about selling. Successful entrepreneurs focus on serving and providing their customers and buyers with what they want and need.
  • Never breaking, no matter how tough times become. Adversity is an ever-present part of being a business owner; even the most successful business people have been through at least one major crisis at some point.
  • Possessing determination and an iron will. This can have an amazing effect on your business’s bottom line during difficult times.
  • Acknowledging and accepting that change is part of life. Always look to the future and consider how your present actions will affect you and your business ten years down the line.

In essence, a common theme in small-business success stories is that the owners did more than merely devote long hours to the cause. There are key elements that play a crucial role in helping people achieve their very own success story; by disregarding them, owners are doing themselves a disservice that more often than not will mean the difference between a successful enterprise and one that merely coasts along.

Daniela Grendene is an executive coach with 25 years’ experience who teaches directors about business results and making money. For more information on how they can help you and your organisation to reach the next level, visit

To learn more ideas and strategies to create your own business success story give me a call at 07736 711414 or email me at 

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