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Working with Disengaged Employees: What to do?

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Working with Disengaged Employees: What to do?

August 27
18:42 2019

Daniela Grendene

Disengaged or disgruntled employees can wreak havoc on a business. However, there are a few things that leaders can do to help reinvigorate the morale of an employee who was once engaged but is no longer.

Daniela Grendene explains…

It starts with that age-old adage, ‘Do as I say, not as I do’ and, frankly, it never works. Moreover, such an attitude can breed a great deal of ill will.

As an employer it is crucial to be as genuine and transparent as possible. This will build trust which, over time, will increase engagement and it will help your staff to identify with you and your management team. If they see you as a ‘member’ of the organisation rather than an autocrat, they are more likely to respond positively to your requests and directions.

Let your team see you as a member, rather than an emperor who lauds over them

It’s also important to create a culture of appreciation. You’re human. It can be easy to get stressed and bogged down but when this happens it can lead to neglect with employees, so be sure to appreciate and recognise their accomplishments.

Leaders are often too busy handling challenging issues and so they can forget to show appreciation and recognise accomplishments and efforts on an ongoing basis. A simple thank you goes a long, long way.

Finally, be flexible. The more accommodating you can be in crucial times of need such as bereavements and family crises, the
better. Try to be sympathetic when an employee needs unforeseen or emergency time off; while it may prove inconvenient in the short-term, it will undoubtedly foster closer, more symbiotic relations in future.

When executed collectively, these strategies can mean the difference between a disengaged individual who lacks interest, focus and a reason to come into work each day, and a proud, productive employee who can’t keep away.

Daniela Grendene is an executive coach with 25 years’ experience who teaches directors about business results and making money. For more information on how they can help you and your organisation to reach the next level, visit



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